Crime Prevention

Garden equipment/Ornaments

Whether it is chainsaws, spades, hedge trimmers or lawnmowers anything left outside can be taken very quickly. Advice would be to ensure all tools that you use are used one at a time and then returned to a secure storage area such as shed or garage, make sure that expensive items are security marked and you have a note of the make, model and serial number. Try not to leave items lying in view whilst you nip back indoors.

Garden ornaments whether in the front or back garden can be removed and taken, again make sure they are rooted firmly so as to make it difficult for would be thieves, if it is an item of value make sure it is out of sight of passers by and photograph or security mark if possible.

Lead/Scrap Metal/Copper cable/Heating Oil

If you have any of the above there are some general security prevention tips:
* Installation of CCTV covering the building with adequate monitoring and recording can be useful.
* Ensure any gates are locked and the premises are secure.
* Restrict any easy access to the roof by removing water butts, waste bins and tall trees located near to the building.
* Keep ladders stored in a locked building, shed or compound.
* Consider installation of security lighting.
* Remove any means of transporting stolen material, such as wheelbarrows, to a secure place.
* Think of alarms or cages for heating oil tanks
For more information contact your SNT for advice on 101.

Wallets/Credit Cards/ Purses/Handbags/Rucksacks

All of these things can be 'nicked quick' .
* Use a handbag that can be closed properly - zipped up preferably - so that it is more difficult for someone to open it and reach in.
* If you use a handbag with a strap, wear it across your body and not just over one shoulder so it is more secure.
* You can use a purse lanyard which attaches your phone or purse/wallet to your bag or clothes.
* If you do keep your purse in a shopping bag, put your purse at the bottom and not near the top, and use a shopping bag that can be closed if possible. Do not leave hanging on shopping trolleys.
* Be as secure with your mobile phone or ipod as you would your purse or wallet and ensure it is put away safely if you use it in the street. You can also register your valuables on the free online property database That way, police have more chance of being able to return them to you if they're lost or stolen.
* Men should keep their wallet in a front pocket rather than in their back pocket, making it harder for a thief to slip their hand in unnoticed.

Other tips are to not leave bags lying on the floor if you are in a store looking at items on a rail, keep a hand on your bag if you are in a crowded area, walk purposefully, never leave any personal item on a desk, under a desk in an unlocked drawer if you are in an office or other commercial business.

Delivery of goods

If you have been internet shopping or are arranging for any goods to be delivered - make sure you or someone you trust is going to be available to accept the delivery.

If you cannot be in when delivery is due make prior arrangements for the delivery to be made to someone else that you trust. Deliveries stand out if they are left on a porch, by the side of a house, under a bush etc by the very nature of their packaging, so even though you probably trust your neighbours, anyone walking past could notice something from a delivery company and take it.

If you want further advice or need to speak to someone about an incident then please speak to your local Safer Neighbourhood Team or check the Hampshire Constabulary website on
Blackwater & Hawley NHW,
30 Nov 2011, 00:48
Blackwater & Hawley NHW,
30 Nov 2011, 00:48