Active Street Membership

If you would like more information on Neighbourhood Watch in any of the streets below, please contact one of the Area Coordinators.
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Street NameMember Since
Street NameMember Since
Medlar Drive August 2010 
Campion Close August 2010 
Barberry Way August 2010 
Thornfield Green August 2010 
Cranberry Walk August 2010 
Park Villas August 2010 
Quebec Gardens October 2011 
French Gardens October 2011 
The Elms October 2011 
Cedar Avenue More than 2 years 
Cheriton Way More than 2 years 
Hawthorne Crescent More than 2 years 
Olde Farm Drive More than 2 years 
Woodbridge Road More than 2 years 
Christchurch Drive More than 2 years 
Cypress Way More than 2 years 
Hearsey Gardens More than 2 years 
Aspin Way More than 2 years 
Beaulieu Gardens More than 2 years 
Beaulieu Close More than 2 years 
Larches Way More than 2 years 
The Sycamores More than 2 years 
Brooksby Close More than 2 years 
The Birches More than 2 years 
The Lakeside More than 2 years 
Rosemary Gardens More than 2 years 
Holly Way More than 2 years 
Hamble Avenue More than 2 years 
Potley Hill Road More than 2 years 
Ashfield Green More than 2 years 
The Oaks More than 2 years 
Oakfield Road November 2011 
Lyndhurst Avenue November 2011 
Ringwood Road November 2011 
Hawley Grove January 2012 
Hawley Parish Church January 2012 
Woodside January 2012 
Belgrave Court January 2012 
Belvedere Court January 2012 
Pine Drive April 2012 
Willow Lane February 2012 
The Crescent February 2012 
Green Lane April 2012 
Vicarage Road February 2013 
Chestnut Close February 2013 
Showing 45 items